Completing a Form in My Diary

Safe Food Pro uses forms to capture and record all your information - No more paper clutter!

When you are signed into Safe Food Pro on a mobile device it will display a list of forms relevant to your business. If you have set a time for these forms to be completed the forms will be displayed in this order.

Your business forms are divided into those that need to be completed Today, This Week or This Month. 

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Completing a Form

Below you can see that I am due to complete my 'Temperature Check (Chillers & Cold Cabinets)' form. 

  1. Click on the Forms name in this list.
  2. Answer the questions. These may be of the format Yes/No, numeric, text, multi-choice, capture photos, upload documents or pick from a list.
  3. Click on the SAVE button.
  4. Select your user name.
  5. Enter your PIN number.
  6. You will see your signature displayed and the form will close and return to the Diary screen.
  7. In the Diary a completed form will be grey with a tick in the right-hand circle, whereas the right-hand circle will be orange for any (incomplete) forms saved as a draft. 

Want to learn more? Here are some extra tips:

Blue Notes: A blue note can be added to a form to highlight an issue or to give an explanation for something relating to the answers on the form. Click on the blue button at the bottom left of the page to add a note. "Blue Notes" are displayed on the manager's dashboard in the Administration Console.
Follow Up Action: A  follow up action can be added to a Blue Note. This can be used if you need something to be followed up e.g. found a pest when doing your daily pest check? Add a blue note with a follow up action explaining pest control needs to be called and the visit from pest control form needs to be completed. Assign the form to the staff member that needs to complete the form. 
Required Questions: Required fields have (required) next to them. A form can be saved without completing all the questions. The completion bar at the bottom of the form displays the number of required questions answered out of the total number of required questions. The bar will remain orange until all the required questions have been answered and will then turn green.

Note: Different staff members can complete questions in the same form; when a question is answered by one staff member the form can be saved as draft and completed later by another staff member.

What's left to do?

You can now easily view what's left to be done just by opening up your Diary Checklist. If you see an orange dot next to a tab at the bottom of the screen that means that there are still forms left to complete. Once the forms have all been completed for that time period then the dot will go away. 

Hiding Completed Forms:

If you complete a lot of daily forms you have the option to 'Hide Completed Tasks', so that when a form is completed it is no longer shown on your screen. You can do this by: 

  1. Logging into the Mobile/ Tablet.
  2. Open the Menu, click 'Settings'.
  3. Click 'Hide Complete Tasks.

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