Adding or Changing Users

Staff change and you may need to add or delete Administrator and Manager Logins.

Administrator logins are used to access the Safe Food Pro web console and can also be used to access the mobile application used in your business on a day to day basis to capture information. The mobile application does not require you to login every day, but occasionally you may close the application or run out of battery and then need to login to it again. 

You probably don't want to share your administration login with your manager/staff so we suggest you create a 'Tablet' account that is used to login to the mobile application. 'Tablet' accounts can not be used to login to the administration console. You need a spare or different email address to create a new account. This email address is used if you need to reset the account password. 

Add New User:

  1. Navigate to 'My Business' on the main menu and then choose the 'Users' tab. 
  2. Click the circular green plus button to add the new user.
  3. Fill in their name, email address, an initial password and choose their role and then click 'Save'. Passwords have to comply to the strength requirements as shown below. 

  4. A User can choose to have alerts sent by email.  To allow this put ticks in the required boxes before you save the User.
  5. You also have the ability to attach resources directly to a user, if you click the 'Green Plus Button' you will be able to do this. Once the Resource is added, you will then find it on the 'Resource' page.

Note: If necessary you can create other Administrator, Manager and Tablet accounts from this page. E.g. you may choose to use two tablets in your business, one in the kitchen and one font of house and to create a separate 'Tablet' user to login into Safe Food Pro on each tablet. Click here for more information about user roles

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